Bizzfo Caselot Integration


What is Caselot?

Caselot is an online platform that brings buyer and seller together.



Bizzfo brings online orders to strore level. It aids the Seller by integrating store level operations with online sales

- Receive and process orders placed online in store.

- Orders are directly integrated into Bizzfo POS system real time.

- Orders processed in store will update Caselot order status in real time.

- Update online stock qty

- Update online stock price

See the setup section for more info on

Caselot Buyer

"The Caselot buyer application provides buyers with a one-stop- shopper experience which includes access to Distributor products around their area, and order placement. Caselot is also very flexible as it lets buyers order anytime, anywhere. Caselot… everyday best price!"

Caselot Seller

"The Caselot seller application provides sellers with the ability to manage their products, prices and service levels in one location. Caselot also allows for sellers to view & complete orders placed via their customers. Caselot…everyday best price"

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