A quick introduction to Bizzfo Account Creation and Hive Set-up


The purpose of this guide is to help the user create a Bizzfo Account and also to link a terminal to the Hive.

Account creation allows for:

- System activation management

- Syncing data to Bizzfo Hive

- Allow system to backup data to Bizzfo Hive

Bizzfo Sign In

Open Bizzfo and go to Hive Screen

On the Hive screen go to Sign in

Click on register

Complete details as shown my register screen

Upon clicking registration a welcome e mail will be sent with a link to activate your account.

Once the account is activated continue to sign in page by clicking on Sign In.

Create Hive Link

Go to program options and sync your terminal with the Hive Datawarehouse.

Test Hive Backup

Status of backup is displayed bottom left of the screen.

- Busy sending data to the Hive...

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